The Serenissima Choir is a musical, choral, instrumental, non-profit, non-political and non-denominational association and has the purpose of contributing, with its musical performances, to the conservation and dissemination of the ancient, old and new Venetian song in respect to culture and tradition of the city of Venice, as well as contributing to:
-diffusion of historical, artistic and musical culture in the youth world and not;

  • expand knowledge of musical culture through contacts between people, entities and associations;
    -promotion of cultural, training and editorial activities with concerts, music courses, institutions of study groups, research and refresher courses, as well as publications of studies and research carried out;
  • training, promotion, enhancement of activities and things of artistic and cultural interest;

To achieve these purposes, the Serenissima choir intends to behave as follows:

  • take care not only of the execution of songs normally known but also of researching old texts that are no longer proposed to the public, possibly taking care of their adaptation to their staff;
  • establish relations with public, administrative, cultural, artistic and tourist bodies operating in the sector;
    -develop relationships and collaborations with other similar organizations, both Italian and foreign.

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