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Each concert of the Serenissima Choir makes you travel through streets and squares and traditions of Venice, its lagoon and its salt marshes. A journey that, we could say, takes its cue from the story of a piece of music “Tragando l’Ansana” (also known as “Valesando in Laguna” and “Peregrinazioni Lagunari”) whose protagonist, on a “batelin da spopo” wanders lagoon meeting curious characters and particular places .


The discography of the Serenissima begins with the first LP 33 rpm recorded in 1981 “Canzoni di Venezia”, where the choir was accompanied by an orchestra made up of mandolins, mandolas, guitars, piano and accordion. The next LP made in 1982 “From a Balcon on the Canalazzo” with voices and acoustic instruments. Followed in 2000 the CD “La Gondoliera” and in 2006 “From Carneval to the Redentor!”.


Venetian singing has been handed down through the years and represents the mirror of life, beauty, magnificence of monuments and buildings built on islands surrounded by water: this is what the 2006 publications of “El Fero” by Giorgio Piacentini want to express and “The Chronicles of the Serenissima Choir of Venice” by Massimo Gazzetta of 2018.

Born in 1978, the Serenissima choir consists of 20 singers, among these five women, six soloists and four musicians playing mandola, mandolin and guitar. The singers are dressed in the costumes of the gondoliers and this is a detail that contributes to creating an atmosphere in harmony with the repertoire of exquisitely Venetian folk songs.